Industrial Packaging Products

Wax and Wax Alternative Packaging

At International Paper, we offer an array of wax and wax-free packaging to accommodate your business needs.  Our packaging solutions, which range from products that are exposed to free water, ice, modified atmosphere or dry are available with wax or wax-free coatings. 

So whether you are a meat packer, produce farmer or poultry processor, International Paper has the packaging solution for you!

Our wax replacement technology called ClimaSeries® was developed to meet our customers’ sustainability, recycling, and economic goals.

ClimaSeries® products are recyclable and used successfully in protein and agricultural applications.

Moisture barriers serve many purposes in protecting your products, now International Paper can meet those needs using wax or wax alternatives. Petroleum-based wax has been the standard for decades and will continue to meet customers' needs in protecting the product and packaging throughout the supply chain. As the business climate, environmental regulations, and waste disposal challenges began evolving in the early-1990s, our packaging designers and innovation team members developed wax alternatives to supplement our petroleum-based waxed packaging offerings while keeping needed barrier properties.

Using a recyclable alternative to wax is one step toward meeting your humid environment and wet application packaging needs without petroleum based wax.

ClimaSeries® products meet retailer desires to move away from wax allowing them to sell OCC waste into the recycling stream and minimize exposure to volatile wax prices.

Please click ClimaSeries® Technologies for more detail regarding available barrier levels.

 ClimaSeries® Benefits:

  • Improved wet and dry strength
  • Can be used in any box design
  • Decreased wicking
  • Keeps graphics bright and clear
  • Excellent recyclability - just place in regular OCC bales
Wax and wax alternatives are used in many types of packaging and for many products. The primary users are produce and protein segment customers. Ultimately, the uses for ClimaSeries® beyond a barrier coating can be unlimited; for instance, other benefits include anti-scuffing, anti-skid,  meat release, grease barrier, PET liner replacement, and so much more.

There is a wide range of ClimaSeries® products that have been developed as wax free offerings.  These products are fully recyclable while maintaining the product protection you have come to expect from traditional wax packaging.  Contact us for more information.

ClimaCoat® Benefits:

  • Various levels of protection available.
  • All products are both fully recyclable and meet FDA requirements for direct food contact

ClimaProof® Benefits:

  • The only recyclable corrugated application for wax cascaded product applications
  • Available in several different designs and graphics